Cameron Diaz It’s Not Hairy!

Posted by Loki on Sunday Aug 24, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

I always knew there was something about Mary,
and when it comes to Cameron Diaz It’s Not Hairy!

Ever since I saw her take a load of Ben Stiller’s Jizz and use it like hair gell
I wanted to see her do more dirty stuff!

Like maybe getting another batch of hair gell herself, from start to finish,
but to my dismay Cameron Diaz has not answered my prayers and she has not bared it all.

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BUT Our wait is over! Thanks to the graphic guru’s who have taken the time
to show us a glimpse of something we’ve all wanted to see for oh so long!

Fake? You Bet, but honestly don’t you wonder if there really is something about
Mary that you’ve never seen before?

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Janeane Garofalo Funny And NUDE!

Posted by Loki on Saturday Aug 23, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Janeane Garofalo Funny And NUDE! These are words that have not been said in
the same sentence unless it was from someone who was fucking her.

She’s made us laugh with her standup and movie roles, and she’s stirred many a penis

at the same time, but up until now if you wanted to see her minus her clothing
you had to use your imagination.

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That is until now! Now your dick can do it’s own “Stand Up” to photos of Janeane Garofalo

Are the photos real? Who really gives a fuck! this is the closest were gonna get
to see if other parts of Janeane Garofalo are ‘funny’

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Tiffani Amber Is Hot As Hell!

Posted by Loki on Friday Aug 22, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Tiffani Amber Is Hot As Hell! and has been ever since her days on
“Saved By The Bell”

How many times were you watching that show and just wished
you could see her spread eagle? or sucking cock?

Poor Zach never even got that chance back on the show,
and sadly neither have we.

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That is until now! Now you can see hot steamy photos of Tiffani Amber!
Who cares that the photos are not real? I would bet these photos are a 99% match
of whats kickin under Tiffani Amber’s clothes.

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Julie Roberts is a Pretty Nude Women!

Posted by Loki on Thursday Aug 21, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Know as the “Pretty Women” Julia Roberts burst onto the scene playing
the hooker with the heart of gold.

Sadly this was one hooker who never actually showed her nude body.
The closest we ever got to see her in all of her glory was that famous tub scene.

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Gotta love the fact that we have things like Photoshop, cause thanks to programs
like that we can now rub one out to a NUDE JULIA ROBERTS!

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Amanda Bynes Shows All…

Posted by Loki on Wednesday Aug 20, 2008 Under Celeb Fakes

Most of you may remember a little show on Nickelodeon called “All That”
that co-stared a teenage silly faced girl named Amanda Bynes,

that show launched her to her own show called simply “The Amanda Show”

she quickly became a sought after actress and landed roles in TV and Movies up
till 2002 when she landed the role of “Holly” in “What I Like about

The little sexpot teased audiences and loads of men wanted to see her naked.

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Well, as most of you are aware, to this day Amanda has NOT chose to bare her
body for the camera

but thanks to the magic of Photo Editing your once dream of seeing Amanda Bynes
naked is now REALITY!

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